WEDDING VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Katie Martin, Elegance & Simplicity

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The Wedding Vendor Spotlight is an interview series highlighting some of the best wedding vendors in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Find out what brings them joy, both professionally and personally, as well as their insights into emerging wedding trends for 2013.

Katie Martin has owned and operated Elegance & Simplicity Wedding Planning & Floral Design Group since 1998, and is an industry leader in eco-friendly weddings. She is the author of two books, “The Everything Mother of the Bride Book” and “The Everything Wedding Book,” and Editor-in-Chief of the Eco-Beautiful Weddings magazine and blog.

Katie Martin, Elegance & Simplicity

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How do you describe your “style”?
Our style is more defined by our approach to wedding planning and floral design. We start with the venue and color palette for each couple and move into unique design concepts based on the couples’ style and budget.

What keeps you passionate about weddings?
We are passionate about weddings because every single wedding is so different! Every client is unique and each year brings new trends and styles. Nothing is ever the same and that is what we love!

Are you seeing any trends emerging in 2013?
The biggest trends emerging for 2013 are Glam vintage style and muted tones. The Great Gatsby movie coming out this year is affecting the runway and styles, even down to hair design and make-up. Tons of brides this year have their bridesmaids and flowers in muted blush and champagne tones.

As an industry expert on green weddings, what are some easy ways that all couples can make their wedding eco-friendly?
The easiest way to “green” your wedding is to keep the guest list down. The less people traveling to your wedding, the less emissions. Another easy way is to make sure your ceremony and reception sites are at the same venue – which obviously cuts down on transportation on another level. Another big way to go green on your wedding day is to make sure you hire caterers that source their foods locally. Fresh local fish, dairy, meats and veggies are all very possible. Ask if your caterer is Green Restaurant certified. This certification helps to ensure that every year they are looking for new and innovative ways to keep their catering business green. However – if the caterer is not certified, it does not mean that they can’t green your food. Keeping everything as local as possible is the key!

What is one piece of advice that you like to give couples?
The single biggest piece of advice I would give engaged couples is to realize that your wedding is just one day. Your marriage starts that day, so also focus on what your lives will be like after the wedding!

Outside of weddings, what brings you joy?
My family, yoga and reading!

How can we find you online?

TWITTER: @greenwed
INSTAGRAM: @greenwed

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